For those who prefer (tall) dark meat

Assuming you prefer thighs to breasts, as I most emphatically do, do you prefer your thighs in fatigues, or in jeans?

Layla Thompson (Jodhi May) informs Porter (Richard Armitage) of his status on their mission to Iraq in Strike Back 1.1. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery. The rifle strap and rifle slung from Porter’s right arm subtly draw a vertical line up and down Armitage’s body, and he’s taller than everything in this picture except the pillars in the background. Long much? I’ll admit that “people within buildings / people pictured against buildings” is a favorite contemplative locus of mine.

Porter (Richard Armitage) helps Katie Dartmouth (Orla Brady, left) to the helicopter as they finally escape Iraq in Strike Back 1.2. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery. I know exactly where I’d sink my teeth to take the first bite.

I like them both equally, since I get the side order of boots either way.

Of course, full dress is nice from the rear as well, maybe even worth accepting the dress oxfords that go with it, although I can’t help but note the incorrect back width of the uniform jacket. I guess enlisted men don’t have their uniforms tailored. 

John Porter (Richard Armitage) remembers and honors his fallen comrades after a visit to his regimental office at the end of Strike Back 1.2. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery. Particularly visually pleasing here: the way that Armitage’s tall, columnar body is placed in parallel to the tall column and the pine tree in the background. The entire shot has a gratifying verticality about it.

I’ll return to “thought provoking” soon, but first I have a few more screens to cap.

~ by Servetus on June 23, 2010.

17 Responses to “For those who prefer (tall) dark meat”

  1. If we’re talking preferences when it comes to military attire, I like Porter in the bullet-proof vest thingy with all the straps because I can imagine tearing open each strap one at a time…

    Aren’t we getting into dangerous fangirl territory here,servetus? You can tell we’re both on holiday. Plenty of time for naughty thoughts! (Can you post a screencap of the vest thing just so we get the picture ;))


    • I also like the uniform piece (I don’t know if we ever see Porter with it, but one of the U.S. soldiers definitely has one) where there are straps across the upper thigh to hold on a holster or something.

      I’ve been drafting serious pieces for several days now and one will appear tonight, just so I don’t ruin my reputation.


  2. Re: fatigues vs. jeans. Jeans, please. And that’s the closest I’ll get (in print) to naughty thoughts. So, I’m en vacances, too.

    Speaking of columns and camera-work, servetus, is it permissable to refer readers to another fan blog? (We’re all probably there, anyway).


  3. Spooks and Skully, of course – you knew that! The S7 Re-watch. Great good fun.


    • Yeah, of course. I can put it in the main column if you like. I haven’t been able to join in or even read over there, unfortunately, since she started, but I’ve been thinking of y’all.


  4. Absolutely, feature the Spooks blog. Like you, Skully has super ideas for discussion. (“put it in the COLUMN” – nice choice of wording!) 😀


  5. I’m not much into military wardrobe.
    I vote for jeans, if Richard hasn’t been able to take them home, I highly recommend he finds/buys an identical one to the jeans he’s wearing there.

    OML 😉


  6. I’m sorry I can still look at his *** and think practical:) Gotta go with the pockets. Fatigues are in! Kaki even classier. But only hip when matched with something else. And yes LOVE the vest too, again tons of pockets! Sometimes its not about what you see but what you don’t see.
    As long as the t-shirt is tight 🙂


    • “it’s not about what you see but what you don’t see” could be Richard Armitage’s personal motto. 🙂


  7. […] the muscle on John Porter’s body where I would most like to sink my teeth. Yes, I did say I like thighs. On men as well as on poultry. I’m thinking this is the adductor […]


  8. Jeans please. There is something about those Porter jeans in SB Episode 2 that is rather wonderful. Maybe it’s something to do with the colour or perhaps it’s the slim fit. Anyway I think I like them even better than Lucas jeans.


    • i certainly do!


      • If going with jeans, check out the designer jeans in episode 3. I like the strategic placed whitewash and also prefer the blue hue.


        • Liked the whitewash myself but wondered if that wasn’t some obscure style preference from the ’80s (stonewash, like those jeans he has on in the dorktastic video from 1991) on my part rearing its ugly head.


  9. […] him in fatigues in this particular bound position emphasizes the massive, static thighs — you know how I feel about that — as for much of the video they don’t move, and the major muscle group that we see […]


  10. […] 3. Desert camo, frontal: […]


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