Richard Armitage in Berlin Station looks fantastic!

View it here.

Screen shot 2016-05-12 at 11.47.42 AM

~ by Servetus on May 12, 2016.

37 Responses to “Richard Armitage in Berlin Station looks fantastic!”

  1. Es geschehen noch Zeichen und Wunder….😝 Wird höchste Zeit, dass die Dürreperiode mal vorbeigeht.

    • Indeed — not sure what we’d have done without this little boost!

      • Ganz ehrlich: ich weiß nicht, wie lange der Patient noch überlebt hätte 😁 Diesmal war es ganz knapp vor dem Exodus…..

        • I didn’t realize how much of a struggle the last year had been until I saw this. Even though I’d been thinking regularly about the problem.

          • Weiß ich doch! Hoffen wir das Beste für den Patienten. Ach ja, und wie war das mit dem piependen Vogel und den Bergleuten? Jedenfalls, er piept noch ganz zaghaft 😁

  2. Over that roof… with leather gloves… Wonderful man 😍

  3. Good eyelash porn 😃

  4. Ja ist denn schon Weihnachten??? Das hebt meine Stimmung nach einem recht bescheidenen Tag 🙂

  5. The curiosity grows after this promo.
    I really want to see this show.

  6. Wauw!!
    I think it’s my age, but I’m seriously bothered by the fast changing scenes in trailers; I want to see more of each scene!

    • Likewise, Mermaid!! I’ve a distinctive urge to shout: slow down…. Stop!!

    • It’s probably rough when you have to cut down 10 hours of plot to 30 seconds. I’m sympathetic on both ends — I was willing to skim very long articles, but I admit that when I am looking at a video clip if it’s longer than a minute I don’t really want to watch anymore unless it’s something I am really eager to see.

  7. Great first impression. I love surprises like this…

  8. He certainly does!

  9. Happy days! Can’t wait to dissect this character. I remember reading a description somewhere that Daniel Meyer is supposed to be “cerebral”. I hope that translates to depth, in addition to great visuals? Looking forward to this discussion Servetus.

    • Interesting. Just from this cut, he seems “harder” than Lucas North, but that could be the editing. Or the fact that Armitage’s face is more chiseled now than it was then.

  10. Looks like it’s going to be everything I hoped for – and worth the wait! – especially the Lucas-y hero. 😉

    • It’s like Spooks 9 – especially the ending – never happened; nor did John Bateman ever exist! 😀

    • yeah, I could have handled a few more seasons of Lucas North. It was too bad that the Spooks writers had exhausted all the really interesting plot lines (and good that Armitage got out when he did, IMO).

  11. Wow, that was fast (oder ‘Schneller als der Schall’ wie man bei uns sagt 🙂 )

    • They have five months to market — maybe we are going to see some really expert marketing here (of the sort that was done with Strike Back five years ago, and NOT like the constant moralism and in-group/out-group policing of the Hannibal marketing).

  12. Woohoo! Can’t wait to see RA in spy mode again 🙂

  13. Wow this looks really nice! Thanks!

  14. So nice to see some trailers coming out. At least he looks his gorgeous self. Nice to see his hair is a good length and his voice is still nice an husky I just wish they would not be on these “odd” stations.

    • Let’s hope ti’s such a stunner that they widen their distribution. Although I’ve read that Hulu now has a distribution deal with EPIX that might affect this show.

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