Richard Armitage birthday benefit auctions are open!

Guylty’s index is here. All proceeds benefit Young Minds UK.

You can also donate directly to a charity Richard Armitage supports via his JustGiving pages (that I am aware of; I just discovered today that the old combination that listed all of his charities supported is gone):

Young Minds UK

Salvation Army UK [note: I am passing this link on without an endorsement myself; explanation.]



Anthony Nolan


Cybersmile [also linked without my own endorsement; explanation.]

Action for Children / Urban and the Shed Crew

In earlier years, Richard Armitage has also supported:

Oxfam International

The Disasters Emergency Committee (Bangladesh Cycle Appeal)

ALS Bucket Challenge (this benefits any ALS / motor neurone disease charity of your choice — this one has a good rating in the U.S.)


Christchurch Earthquake Appeal (no longer actively seeking funds).

~ by Servetus on August 20, 2017.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage birthday benefit auctions are open!”

  1. Thanks for this. I was trying to find a list on Just Giving, but it doesn’t seem to exist.


    • It did, but they either have erased the possibility to see all the campaigns by the same person, or there’s a potential link that whoever runs Armitage’s pages hasn’t activated. (There is an avatar there that suggests there should be one, but it isn’t hyperlinked.)

      What it reminded me of is that this blog is really long overdue for a checkup and update itself. So much of it became invalid this year.

      Liked by 1 person

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