Consumer reporting in the UK #richardarmitage

UK fans who are dissatisfied with the outcome of customer service in the wake of Digital Theatre’s recent shenanigans can make a report here. Tip from Hariclea.

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2017.

8 Responses to “Consumer reporting in the UK #richardarmitage”

  1. I hope we don’t get accused of cyber-bullying DT. Or maybe I hope we do.


    • I’m sure we will. I’m all out of fucks today, though.


      • I don’t give a toss, i paid for a product, i want to own it. I wouldn’t take these kind of pressures or practices from any other vendor, nor would they dream of doing this. Besides, if i had to choose 1 single piece of content in all his work it would be his! This feels like the single most important of his works to me, the one which is so crucial to my liking his body of work is being taken away from me.
        I’m fed up as it is with having to take on gazillion subscriptions to see stuff because DVDs are no longer made available so you can be sure of owning your own copy of content. Besides, amazon for example wouldn’t dream of denying you access to anything you bought, don’t see why i have to take it from them. I paid for download to own , not watch online.


  2. Thank you, Hariclea. I will save this and use it if they don’t honor my purchases with free long term rental.
    In my abrasive note to them last night, I actually said that, if they were a US company, I would report them to the Better Business Bureau AND the State Attorney General where they did business. I’m glad to know the UK has a similar setup.


  3. I have purchased The Crucible and the Interview with Richard for viewing with Digital Theatre and have discovered the only way I can now view them is if I registered for a monthly fee of 7.99 British Sterling. I feel cheated. I purchased the right to view them at my leisure anytime. DT should grandfather all those who purchased productions’ viewing rights before their upgrade to the website and allow them to continue to do so. It is like starting a game and then changing the rules half way through. I hope the UK contingencies giving them what for!


    • They have offered a resolution (read further blog posts and send a message to their customer service, although they are not there on Monday due to holiday). I don’t think it’s a great resolution but it doesn’t involve further payment, supposedly.


      • But also, from what i understand it does not involve being able to download and hold your own copy locally (i had several pieces of content from them by the way,other plays too). I need to write again to make sure it is only online viewing they offer, no offline version which will determine the way i pursue this. Ie nothing less than download to own will satisfy.


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