More on who Richard Armitage isn’t dating

More proof that the web thinks by itself. Armitage was never engaged to Samantha Colley, but the Internet generated a report of their breakup recently in which she “spilt up” with him. Does that mean she vomited on his shirt? The mind pales. On the same page, she’s 38 years old and her breast size is listed as “unknown.”

Even better than that, our favorite nonsense clickbait site re-generated a report from several years ago on their English page that Armitage and his beloved were seen shopping for rings together on Thursday. (The attribution to the Sun-Times is completely false.)

Unfortunately for Armitage, their German counterpart generated a report on Friday that he was single again. That was fast!

He’d been seen alone, on a solitary walk after collecting his mail at the end of his several-mile-long driveway. But he had a giant pullover on.

Interestingly, the English site calls the report “false” while the German one calls it “unsubstantiated.”

~ by Servetus on October 23, 2017.

9 Responses to “More on who Richard Armitage isn’t dating”

  1. Alright I will admit he’s dating me. Oh wait reality…!!


  2. Und Einhörner pupsen Feenstaub…..


  3. I knew he was steppin out on me…now I know with who… or who not???? lol


  4. Ha ha … yes – they must rehash this from time to time. I saw it last year I think. (Probably on a different site)


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