Bots in Armitageworld score another victory

Glamour UK’s 2018 Sexiest Men edition.

So, yeah, the fake news created by machine convinced the entertainment / fashion press. Somehow I think we’d know this by now if it were true. Here’s the non-existent evidence, again.

And then somehow a bot got hold of the piece from Zambia about how Armitage should be the next live action Wolverine and promoted it endlessly via retweet for about 24 hours. I wonder if someone paid for that, and if so, who?

~ by Servetus on December 20, 2017.

10 Responses to “Bots in Armitageworld score another victory”

  1. I missed the Wolverine promotion, but the Glamour article was pointed out by KellyD. Hard to believe Glamour’s research was so poor, even for just a blurb.


    • I probably wouldn’t have commented either of these things separately, but I was just reading an article about bots and Twitter campaigns. I would say about 3/4 of the #richardarmitage tag on Twitter was retweets of the Zambia piece.

      I just turned off all my filters and emptied my cache and cookies and googled “Richard Armitage girlfriend.” It’s hard to say — because what any on person sees on Google is going to be different — but Samantha Colley was not one of the first choices offered me until I went to “images.”


  2. I found it come up as a the third article ( after one about Denby), but it might amuse to know that another site, a little lower down, about his engagement to Samantha Colley sites your blog for the photo credit.


    • You probably have your google set to give you the most useful results for you (this is a switch you can change back and forth). I’m stubborn, lol, which means that I often don’t see my own writing show up as sources (because the web in general doesn’t). If you visit my site periodically my comments on things will show up higher in your search results (if you don’t have that setting turned off).

      And — yeah. Source critique. Source critique, folks …

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      • for as much as I browse the internet, I don’t know how to effectively use it. I didn’t know the Google results had settings. do the Google alerts have settings too? I just know how annoying it is when all the diff’t sites republish the same article & you get an alert for every single one.


        • Did you find the place? If you do a Google search, on the results page there’s a link for “settings.”

          re: Alerts, I don’t think there’s a way to filter out multiple sites reporting the same thing. I know there are settings, though. You can also ask it to send you “only most important” vs “everything,” iirc.

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  3. And here I was already looking forward to engagement pictures a la Harry and Megan… too bad… 😉


  4. I haven’t been able to find evidence any where on the internet that says that Richard and samantha are engaged so where did the story come from?


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