Richard Armitage side-eye: What say you?

Richard Armitage as Claude Becker in Ocean’s 8.

~ by Servetus on December 20, 2017.

20 Responses to “Richard Armitage side-eye: What say you?”

  1. Is both an option? Dastardly debonair?

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  2. I’d go with debonair. Looks to smiley to be dastardly!

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  3. Do you think the sash and medal means he’ll have a British accent? ( I mean no accent?)


    • I’ve been wondering that! This seems like the perfect opportunity for him to have a European accent of some kind. A couple people have remarked that Claude Becker is the kind of name someone would have along the German-French border. Then i read an article today about military orders / royal decorations that suggested this could be a Swedish order, albeit one given nowadays mostly to people who make big charitable contributions. So … maybe? Maybe we’d get a really upper crust, cut-glass English accent? So many possibilities.


    • In his interview to “What’s up Hollywood” on Oct 24 Richard said: “I play an English art curator…he runs a NY gallery”.

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  4. How about devastating?


  5. IIRC Richard described Claude as ‘louche’
    Disreputable or sordid in a rakish or appealing way. Perhaps he is thinking of Damerel from Georgette Heyer’s”Venetia’ my favorite regency character.


  6. Painfully shy royalty plus the majestic wave.


  7. Wauw, so distinguished (and sexy) 🙂


  8. I’m thinking dastardly with a debonair veneer.


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