More from Space Sweepers

I think he looks a bit like a comic book villain, but the look suits him!

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2020.

10 Responses to “More from Space Sweepers”

  1. I’m a huge lover of Asian movies so I’m definitely excited to see Richard in this. The beard does look weird 😳 in that one shot.
    Well he’s honing his gardening and flying skills.
    Thank you for posting Servetus.

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  2. I was thinking that too about the flying. Would love to see him in a pilot-y role.

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  3. Thanks, Serv.

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  4. I am
    More into Asian horror. Not sure if I’m gonna see this one.

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    • I’ll watch it, but I would really like to see it on a big screen as it looks like that’s what it is designed for. Normally that would have meant a trip to Chicago, but right now that’s not possible (quarantine across state lines — I’d have to self-isolate for fourteen days).


  5. I think the theatre close to me will play this movie. They play a lot of Bollywood/Asian films in addition to mainstream fare. My nephew would attend, he like all things Korean so win-win here.

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  6. Ode to Going Spacey

    Jeepers, creepers,
    RA sited in Space Sweepers.
    Looks like a lot of fun,
    Special effects by the ton.
    There’s one thing that’s a little weird.
    Where did he get the bushy beard?

    Kathy Jones

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  7. I am getting some Steve Jobs vibes from his look.

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  8. Thanks for collecting all this in one spot! I am curious to see this one (despite the weird beard).

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