XLI: Richard Armitage by the numbers

[This is my third time celebrating the Armitage birthday. Here are 2010 and 2011.

If you’d like a reminder of the list of Mr. Armitage’s achievements in the last year, check it out at RichardArmitageNet.com. Since it’s come up — I have no connection with Mr. Armitage and do not forward messages to him. If you want to leave him a message, do it RichardArmitageNet.com’s link until 8 p.m. UK time on the 22nd!

If you’re thankful he did all that, and want do something nice for him in return, how about a donation to one of his fundraising efforts at JustGiving?]



Number of birthdays, as of today! Congratulations, Mr. Armitage!

Richard Armitage, pictured with ItsJSforMe and her daughter, a few days before his 41st birthday, outside the set of Black Sky, at Oakland University. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Age at which a man’s soul has reached maturity and is considered prepared to study Kabbalah. Though until recently you had the necessary beard, I don’t think you have time now, what with all this extremely unserious tornado chasing.



Age at which you publicly described yourself as “middle-aged” for the first time (February 11, 2011, Wellington, New Zealand). Never forget: Forty is the new twenty-five, babe.

There’s a lot to say about your life when you’re almost forty — even if you’d never be the one to say it. Except maybe for that bit about playing an elf when you were a teen. Richard Armitage at the first news conference for The Hobbit, February 11, 2011, Wellington, New Zealand. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com


[Walther P]38.

Heinz Kruger’s handgun. Did you think, when you started this career, that you’d spend this much time with weapons? Or prepare for a qualification in stage fighting?

Heinz Kruger (Richard Armitage) takes a child hostage in Captain America: The First Avenger. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



In degrees Celsius, the normal body temperature of an adult human. Although people who have met you recently and gotten a hug say you’re very warm …

A picture that knocks me over. Richard Armitage hugs RALover outside the set of Black Sky, August 2012. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Birthday at which you stated you were “pretty eloquent and surprisingly tall for a six-year-old.”



Amount of money, in ยฃ, you reported spent on the boots worn to the audition for Cold Feet.ย (I think you may be spending more now).

Richard Armitage comes on stage in Hall H, July 14, 2012, San Diego ComicCon. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Your age when you appeared on UK screens and started the ovarian explosion that doctors are still struggling to treat because none of the patients want to be cured. As a result, North & South DVDs are now shipped with a women’s health advisory warning.



Age when you filmed North & South. Good things come to those who wait — to you, and then to us!

Richard Armitage, filming North & South with Daniela Denby-Ashe in Edinburgh, Spring 2004. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com


(almost) 32.

The age at which your portrayal of Lee in Cold Feet was broadcast for the first time — and the very latest point at which your ongoing need to work out intensively for career reasons can have been born. So begins a potential career as beefcake, something you’ve expressed a fair amount of ambivalence about over the years.

The character who needed a perfect six-pack: Lee (Richard Armitage) disrobes at the beginning of his flirt with Ramona (Jacey Sallรฉs) in Cold Feet 5.1. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Approximate number of seconds you sustained the tension in this scene with solely your eyes, two lines, and a thumb.



Age at which you performed your first named television role: Tom Steele, in which role you revealed an early and telling predilection for leather.

Dr. Tom Steele (Richard Armitage) tries to put off an emergency call so he can enjoy his partner’s birthday celebration, in Doctors. Source: Richard Armitage Online



Seconds of pure delight you give Claude Monet after he sells some paintings, in episode 2 of The Impressionists.



Day of November, 2012, when we can expect to see you on the red carpet again, in Wellington!

My favorite of your red carpet appearances, BAFTA Television Awards, London, England, 2010. With Lucas hair you looked so fantastic in black. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Chapter of Sylvester in which Sylvester confesses to his mother all the reasons he loves Phoebe — and you tear our hearts out with your despairing, resigned infatuation. “A darling.”



Seconds of something I hope never happens to you, since you make it sound so terrible. May you always be happy in your work.



Your age, presumably, at LAMDA entrance. What do you remember about that experience, I wonder?


24 (or fewer).

Number of hours you had in 2010 to solve a seriously postmodern conundrum — how to play some version of how some playwright thought a made-up someone else thought he might be if he had the good fortune to be you.

Richard Armitage, backstage at Old Vic Theatre, November 20, 2010, the night before the 24 Hour Plays. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Seconds of premeditated skank below that exemplify one of your greatest talents as an actor — making it hard for the viewer to tell on what level your character knows that he is lying. The first time I watched Between the Sheets, I actually believed for most of the series that Paul Andrews was innocent.



Number of dancers visible, including you, in this very early photo of your days in musical theater. (Yeah, I know, “nine ladies dancing,” but this plan was surprisingly hard to complete!) You must know or have met huge swathes of the young theatrical world in those days, now two decades in the past.

Cast of 42nd Street, picture taken in Blackpool, early 1990s. Richard Armitage said to be third man from right, and to have been costumed in a specially sized hat so as to reduce his height. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



The century in which you’ve made your career. Which makes you sound unbelievably space-aged and contemporary!



Number of your pieces available on media that I haven’t seen or haven’t finished. Gulp. Sorry, Mr. Armitage! Something to look forward while we’re waiting till December??



Excepting repeats, the number of stage productions with which Richard Armitage Online credits you. You’ve had such a successful career on television that it’s easy to forget that your acting roots grew from an interest in classical theater. If pursuing this is important to you, I hope your new notoriety brings you all the opportunities you desire.



Approximate number of months you’ve spent — so far — filming The Hobbit in New Zealand. Anyone would be throwing fish around by that point.

Richard Armitage as Thorin in a scene from preproduction vlog #8 for The Hobbit. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Third generation Glock model you carried while playing Lucas North. Second generation Glock model you used while playing John Porter.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in a publicity still from series 9 of Spooks. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



For me, the number of seconds that encapsulate what your career heretofore comes down to — why I couldn’t stop watching you once I started — and the reason why, no matter the merits of the project itself, I’ll always be eager to see more of you.



Most painful seconds in your small-screen career. A master of playing humiliation, you’re so vivid here I almost can’t bear to watch.



Age at leaving home to study the arts at school at Pattison College. Your determination and perseverance impress and inspire me.



Number of dwarfs in the film of The Hobbit. (Even though just one has stolen my heart).

Publicity still for The Hobbit, Summer 2011. Original source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Number of seconds it took Lucas North to stagger into our hearts.



Number of TV tropes identified in Strike Back, my favorite of which is Mr. Fanservice. I love it when you get your shirt or other pieces of clothing off. Is that so wrong?

A very fine iliac crest: John Porter (Richard Armitage) being debelted by Gerry Baxter (Ewan Bremner) in Strike Back 1.6. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Number of delicious discs of Lords of the North! (Even if I’m still afraid to listen to the next one!)

Richard Armitage, as pictured on the binder for the Lords of the North audiobook CDs. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Chapter of Venetia in which Damerel first kisses Venetia as would-be lover (as opposed to as assailant) and point at which you make another colossal deposit to your account at the First International Bank of the Ladies’ Man.



Minimum number of visible bands of leather piping on each side of the Guy of Gisborne costume that you wore in series 1 and 2 of Robin Hood. Proof the leather love did not go away.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne and Keith Allen as the Sheriff in a publicity still from series 2 of Robin Hood. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Number of lines you reported you had in the RSC Macbeth. Inaccurately.

Richard Armitage as Angus in the RSC Macbeth. Source: Richard Armitage Central Main Gallery



I realized this number may be controversial. Number of times you have played a character named John (or ethnic variant, Ian): Ian Macalwain, John Standring, Mr. Thornton, John Mulligan, John Porter, John Bateman. Have I missed any?

My favorite of all the Johns: John Standring (Richard Armitage) during his sudden transformation from sheepdog to human male in episode 3 of Sparkhouse. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Number of your screen deaths we’ve seen so far.

Ian Macalwain (Richard Armitage) goes to his temporary eternal rest in Ultimate Force 2.6. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Number of episodes Mr. Thornton needed to get the girl — and even he had to take off the cravat and jacket to accomplish it — something he’d previously done only for his mother!

Mr. Thornton (Richard Armitage) steps out of his railway carriage to gaze in surprise and delight upon Margaret Hale, in episode 4 of North & South. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com



Number of times I’ve noticed you employ this particular facial expression. Though I still don’t know what you’re saying with it!



Number of times, by your own admission, that you have played a donkey.



No surprise: Your place in my fangirl affections.

Richard Armitage, San Diego ComicCon, July 14, 2012. My favorite picture of Armitage as Armitage from this year. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com


Happy birthday, Mr. Armitage, and many happy returns! I wish you a wonderful day. Thank you for everything you’ve done, and continue to do. And may you continue to go from strength to strength.

~ by Servetus on August 22, 2012.

63 Responses to “XLI: Richard Armitage by the numbers”

  1. I smiled and laughed and awwwwed through the whole thing. Brilliant job as usual, Servetus, and I can only think Mr. A would agree (although he’d likely blush and look at his beautiful big feet) ๐Ÿ˜€ Indeed, long live Richard Armitage and may he just keep getting bettah!

  2. It’s already awfully late here, but on the quick I want so let you know that your birthday post is phenomenal!!! Just wonderful! I’ve to come back tomorrow and have a closer look to enjoy all the details. Now I collaps to bed and hopefully dream of a certain Mr. A. Thanks Serv for this Betthupferl ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hope you had sweet dreams. I think a lot of fangirls were thinking of him last night as they drifted off. I know I was.

  3. Wonderful! as always, you translate into words so many feelings!
    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This is fabulous, I love it! Saved with the “beautiful” post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This was such a fantastic post! As usual, your attention to detail is astounding.

  6. Hi Serv,
    I love it! Your post is so delightful! I know that it is RA’s birthday–and he should get his wishes to come true–but if I were doing the wishing based on your list above, I would want my dream man to have:

    1) Harry Kennedy’s eye brow flashes–I would give him reason to flash them. Ha!
    2) John Thornton’s cravatless neck–yes please!
    3) John Standring’s timidity in seeking love. But I would coax him to be less bashful by plenty of encouragement.
    4) as a counterpoint, the ease and confidence of the RA we saw at Comic-Con.
    5) And, Lord Dameral to give me a lesson in how he would seduce me to give him a kiss. Oh yes!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

  7. What they all said, serv! Brilliantly perfect! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Love this. Not only was this great to read, I almost licked the screen what with such beautiful images.

  9. What a joy! Three cheers for Mr. A! with cake for Servetus ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. What a truly beautiful way to celebrate all these numbers, Servetus! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories, be they pictures, video clips or those swoon-inducing audio clips, they were just brilliant! He will always be my number one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. yay! another post to smile and squee >^_^<

  12. Everything has already been said ,thank you Servetus!.:)
    Long live Rich!. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Busy adding up all the numbers, divide by 41 (could take a while) and see what numeral emerges. Interpret the meaning…Oh heck, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. A!!!

    • I spent a lot of time thinking about a math post, but since 41 is a prime number, it was sort of a non-starter.

  14. Great post, servet! It reminded me something like “Forty-one Reasons to love RA .”
    Actually I’ve lost count!

    • There are more than 41, I’m sure — and then again, reasons to love, well, after all one just loves, in the end. Thanks, Ana Cris.

  15. I love this! I read with a big smile on my face. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  16. Great post…love the detail and the humor. With regards to the count on Sir Guy’s leather…take a look at the eyes of the servant girl in the background :). Oh to be an extra with such a view!

  17. This is just lovely it must have taken you hours!! Do you ever sleep?! I hope he has had a great birthday again far from home. Xx

    • it did take a while ๐Ÿ™‚ but that’s how it is with birthday presents for people that you can’t just buy something for. Not that “boughten” presents are bad, you understand, or don’t take thought. But if I could have bought him a book, that would have taken me 5 minutes ๐Ÿ™‚

      I hope he is having a wonderful birthday, too. I started it for him at midnight London time, but I think I’ll extend it to midnight in his time zone so he can have a little more time to enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so generous that way.

      • It feels good to have a generous Servetus!!! For we ourselves can feel a little bit cosseted too!!
        BTW You are heading with Siebenmeilenstiefeln (seven-league boots?) towards the million!!! Maybe tomorrrow?? Wow! An incredible number! Congrats in advance as I’m surely going to miss it when it actually will happen…….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Weiter so!!

        • yeah, wild, isn’t it? It will very likely happen while I am asleep. Kind of astounding, the whole thing.

          • Agreed! This is wild!! Yeah and it’s always the same, you think that most of the important things (in RA world) happen when you are asleep, even if I do not sleep longer than 6-7 hours, especially since I โ€žmetโ€œ RA. It seems more likely to happen to you, as you are the 9-hours-long sleeper!! LOL

  18. brilliant,simply brilliant

  19. as Geraldine Granger would say: You’re good. You’re really, really good.

    • Thanks, Sloan. I think all the bloggers put a lot of work into their Richard Armitage birthday posts, graphics, vids, games, etc. — and it really shows. It’s been a ton of fun to surf around to read it all.

  20. Happy Armitage Day, Serv!

  21. […] (Me + Richard Armitage) – Birthday greetings by the numbers, or why Mr. Armitage is extraordinary 41 […]

  22. Wow what a brilliant post! I didn’t realize JS was your favourite John (I thought it may have been Portah)! I actually think the “sex” scene in the car was even more humiliating for Sweetie John than the conversation in the kitchen about marriage. And I believed Paul Andrews was innocent too the first time I watched BTS… Extra on RH set checking RA out: it could have been me, had I discovered him, well, a little earlier…*sigh* Still, better late than never! Happy AD!!!

    • I was torn. But I think Standring is the one I’d rather live with.

      Point taken about the failed attempt at sex in the Landrover, but it’s harder to see his face in that scene.

      • I can understand that.. JS is more likely to be around, Porter would always be away on a mission. ๐Ÿ™‚ For some reason, I find the scene in the Landrover more painful to watch than the kitchen scene so much so that I always fast forward through it. The kitchen scene on the other hand I must have watched a million times because his acting is so brilliant there. I think JS is one of his best performances to date. If not the best.

        • yes, I think that’s a significant minority opinion and it’s interesting because it was such an early role. A lot of people I know share it.

          • I consider John Standring to be his true breakthrough role. It was the first time, as I recall, that he went into the audition in character, and it was after Sparkhouse that his career really seemed to start to click. I remember being so amazed that the same actor who gave us the sexy, smouldering henchman Sir Guy could be the shy, awkward and steadfast Standring. And flirty-girty Lee! I was simply blown away. He was so believable.

  23. Servetus, I’m in awe at the amount of research you had to do to write this post. It really is amazing!
    BTW, Congrats of getting over 1 000 000 hits on your blog! That really is something.
    I know you aren’t one for hooting your own horn, so I’ll do it for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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