Four things, whichever

I have totally lost track. What has everyone been doing?

The post-vaccination days continue to be sludgy. I was taking a three hour nap every day for about two weeks. The last two days are the first that I’ve felt something like back to my usual energy level. Still better than actually getting COVID-19.

The details here are slowly coming into focus — packing supplies, movers, a removal company, and the thousand silly little jobs that have to be done. So often I feel like I’ve been thrown into a pot of hot water and today was a lot like that. Attorneys will tell you all you need is your durable power of attorney to do stuff, and that’s true — once they decide they’re going to read it. Turns out our local power company has a three week delay before they will process the POA and then talk to me about the electric bill. Or they have it on file, but the person you’re talking to hasn’t read it and insists that you send all the paperwork over again — the situation I ran into at the home insurance company. The credit card companies don’t accept them at all — you have to fill out an entire separate form.

Scheduling cardio rehab has been a huge hassle due to dad being at assisted living — I can’t just schedule anything, I have to accommodate their schedule. I have no idea how he feels about it. When I see him he mostly doesn’t talk to me. I don’t know if this is because he’s angry at me, he’s feeling depressed, or he just doesn’t have anything to say. He is still talking to the personal care person, but her days are numbered as she has a regular, demanding summer job and will be returning to it for several months now.

The front of the house is increasingly torn up but the trees are still there, for now.

Anyway. I’m still alive. Five more weeks.

~ by Servetus on April 29, 2021.

12 Responses to “Four things, whichever”

  1. Hi.
    Happy to hear you’re doing better and continue to improve.
    Hopefully your dad will come around soon. He’s too old to hold a grudge. Hope the health issues will get sorted and make it less of a hassle.

    Keep safe. It’s always wonderful to read your posts even when I can’t reply.


  2. I was scared what side effects I would get from the Covid vaccination, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did have a sore arm for over 2 weeks with the last shot.

    I only had to deal with my dad’s medical POA and there was not to much with that. I was on his checks and no real messes to deal with in electric bills or property.

    With time hopefully you can find a new normal.

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    • 2 weeks of arm pain — uch. That’s horrible.

      My dad’s finances are complicated. I benefit from that but it has also meant a lot of extra work. I had to have his attorney call the home insurer yesterday and insist that my financial POA allows me to transact business in his name. I appreciate that people want to protect him, of course. He never would have had enough trust to put anyone else on his checks. It’s a great strategy, though (I always had my mom on mine and it was really useful when I was in Germany).


      • All my boys gave at least my name on their banking accounts. My youngest have everyone but my oldest as he was not around at the time. I told them just in case then I could do banking for them. I had to deal with a small account that I was not on and once my mom died I could not get he info for my dad much to even his social worker for Medicaid dismay. Had to let the money go lucky it was like $25.00. My dad was unable to go to the bank.

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  3. I’m thinking it’s not only vaccine side effects that made you sleep so much but maybe also pure exhaustion? In any case, glad to read you’re feeling more energetic now. Taje care these coming weeks, I hope they fly by.

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    • yeah, I think I’ll never know: Apr 7 vaccine, Apr 8 dad’s heart attack and hospitalization, Apr 8 I got a period, Apr 11 dad went into assisted living, Apr 12 house purchase. No stress there at all (sarcasm). It’s so strange to feel so lethargic, though.

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  4. Glad you are coming back regarding energy. Just hang on. hugs


    • Thanks for the hugs. I keep wondering what the alternative would be (snort). Hugs back at you!


  5. Wow, that’s a strong reaction to the vaccine, mine lasted three days and that seemed bad enough ( there is a theory that people have bad side-effects if they have neen exposed to Covid). Esther may well be right about your exhaustion – it wouldn’t be surprising.


    • That’s what people are saying here, too — if you had a bad reaction you were exposed. I didn’t have any of those symptoms, though (fever, chills, etc.) My impression via my RL social media is that there are a lot of low level reactions that are going unreported.

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