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We’re just over halfway through fanstRAvaganza 2! Probably signs of fatigue are beginning to set in — can you really take this much Armitage, all the time? — but we hope you’re still having fun. Thanks to Nat and Traxy for their organizational efforts. At this blog, you can vote on my poll (which Porter trousers?) till the end of the event next Monday; learn about fitzg’s opinions on Mr. Armitage’s work; and participate in the attempt to write a restraining order to prevent undue violence to John Porter in Strike Back, series 2. And don’t forget to keep visiting the blogs of the bloggers below for all kinds of fun stuff:

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[Note: All of the fanfic linked in this interview involves explicit situations and / or slash. LJ should warn you, but if you don’t want to be confronted with it, please don’t click. I also reference a fanfic site, Dreamer Fiction, which houses a great deal of fic, much of it explicit, kept behind a password so it doesn’t fall into the hands of minors. Readers who want to join DF need to provide a reference from a current member specifying that they are at least eighteen years of age. If you are not yet reading DF and seek such a reference, leave a note in the comments below and we’ll try to help you out.]


I ran across Angie for the first time while searching for Armitage-related fan fiction; I ran into “Truce,” and got hooked. Chapter Four is on my bookmarked list of all-time favorite Armitage character fanfic and a goto piece of writing to return to when I need a pick-me-up. Angie’s a very active fan and works hard to maintain the accessibility of her fanfiction, posting at Dreamer Fiction, wattpad, her own LJ site, and elsewhere. She and I share an enjoyment of explicit fics, but there’s so much more to her writing, pieces that I sought to draw out in my interview of her. Anyone who’s interacted with her for more than a few moments knows that she’s not only an active, energetic, creative, talented personality, but also warm-hearted and generous. When I read her fics, I always think of “The Adventure Continues,” in which Rebecca frequently expresses her desire for Guy to experience all the pleasure he can. She believes in people and happy endings, even making Lovelace into a romantic hero rather than a rapist in her Clarissa fanfic. Generosity and faith in others: that’s how Angie treats both her characters and her audiences, and it made me want to learn more.


The hero of “Truce” as seen in Angie’s favorite picture: Richard Armitage as John Porter. Promotional photo for first series of Strike Back (2010). Source: Richard Armitage Net


S: You’ve said that seeing Sir Guy in Robin Hood was your “gateway drug” to Armitagemania. Can you remember the specific moment in that journey — the scene or episode — that got you?

Angie: I have to confess when I started watching Robin Hood on BBCA, I thought of Guy initially as a right smarmy bastard—a very, very attractive smarmy bastard, but a smarmy bastard nevertheless.  I liked the good guys, for heaven’s sake!

But he grew on me. As played by Mr. A., he was definitely no one-note henchman.

Gradually, I realized how much Guy had missed out on in his upbringing. All he had lacked was telegraphed to me through RA’s masterful performance. And when Marian slugged Guy and ran off with Much, I felt my heart break a little for the “bad guy.”

I wanted to hug him, console him, and give Marian a piece of my mind for humiliating him in that way.  I forgot about all the bad things he had done, frankly. He was trying to become a better man, after all, if a bit clumsily. When, with such pain and anger and a sort of emptiness in his eyes, wounded in more ways than one, Guy muttered to the guards, “Let her go,” I fell in love with a certain beautiful disaster.

Thus began my obsession with all things Armitage.


Angie’s choice of a particularly inspirational performance by Mr. Armitage fell upon Robin Hood, series 2, episode 11.

A scene that’s often in my thoughts is the moment after Guy has discovered the true identity of the Nightwatchman and confronts her. It’s a particularly strong example of how Richard takes us on a journey with his characters.

You can see his disbelief, in spite of all evidence pointing to Marian as the enemy who has confounded him on so many occasions. We also see hints of naïveté and gullibility when it comes to this woman.

As the scene moves forward, he asks to see the scar and as she lifts her vest, the expressions that flit across Guy’s face — anger over yet another betrayal by
the woman he loves; frustration at having been duped by her so fully; guilt over almost killing her with that poisoned weapon; sadness because surely even he can’t save her from the sheriff’s wrath this time — convey so much in such a brief span of time, without a single word until he orders Allan to prepare the prisoner.

Later, as he turns to go and she tries to speak, the forceful way he turns and points at her, almost spitting out the words: “Do Not Speak to Me,” provide a synthesis of all of these reactions to the viewer. He is furious, yes, but he is also deeply hurt, as we can only be hurt by someone we truly love.

I think it’s a masterful piece of acting by RA, because we do get such a good glimpse into what Guy is going through inside, all the conflict he is experiencing even as he tries to maintain his composure. Richard does it so subtly that we forget he’s acting and believe he really is experiencing all those emotions.

The effect on me was to make me even me more sympathetic to Guy (as if I needed another reason). And this is one of the scenes that makes me long to express in my writing what he does in his acting.


Lucas North (Richard Armitage) in a particularly frustrating encounter with a free-lance journalist (Richard McCabe) in Spooks 8.2. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

S: What motivated you to start writing fanfiction? Was it hard to move from writing non-fiction for a living to making up stories?

I couldn’t get Richard’s characters out of my head. They took up residence and I had to do something with them!! I found it liberating to be able to channel all the imagination I had developed over the years into fanfiction.

Obviously, reporting straight news stories involves guarding distinct boundaries. Answering Who, What, When, Where, and Why for a basic story—it’s all very cut and dried. I love writing features because they allow a bit more leeway.  With fanfic, I can let my imagination go into overdrive and take plenty of license. It allows me to flex a new set of creative muscles I wasn’t developing as a newspaper reporter.

Even though I had been writing non-fiction for several years, I was still a bit terrified to share my first fanfic with the public. It was venturing into totally unfamiliar territory.

But I did get a good reception for my first stand-alone fic, and it spurred me on to do a lot more writing. And more than two years later, I am finishing my longest multi-chapter fic yet, “Truce.”

S: How has writing fanfic influenced your reporting? How have you changed as a writer since starting to write fic?

Angie: Spelling. Seriously, I have to be careful, because now that my beta, MillyMe, has indoctrinated me into British spelling via “Truce,” I sometimes find myself using British spellings in my articles and having to go back and change things.

I have to rein things in for publication, to “write tight.” Times are tough in the newspaper biz, page counts have shrunk, and I have to make every word count now more than ever.

In fanfic, I try to provide more descriptive passages and certainly, my chapters keep getting longer and longer, as you yourself have noted.

But I have to be sure and balance that in my RL writing. A newspaper article still has to catch the reader’s attention quickly and give him the pertinent information in X number of words or, in the case of a feature, quickly set the tone for the person, place, or event being painted. In the end, though, I think the two types of writing ultimately complement each other.

A scene from a dream sequence that Servetus particularly likes: John Porter (Richard Armitage) dreams while in Chikurubi Prison in Strike Back 1.3. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

S: A notable feature of your fics is incorporation of dream sequences. I’m impressed by your ability both to make these dreams seem plausible in themselves (in the sense that dreams are strange, don’t make sense, and are fuzzy around the edges) and use them to advance plot. What do dreams mean to you personally — and what are the factors that influence your writing of a dream sequence in fanfic?

Angie: Dreams have always fascinated me. I remember very clearly certain dreams from my childhood, dreams that seemed more real at times than my own reality. I actually used to have this notion that I did not exist; I was someone else’s dream.

I think dreams reflect what’s worrying or consuming or even satisfying us in the subconscious  — fears, hopes, desires, conflicts. They fascinate and frustrate me. They certainly send me signals as to what lies beneath. Because I suffer from FMS, I have problems getting “stuck” in REM sleep, and sometimes I wake up feeling as if I have spent the entire night in a long, exhausting dream. Even so, I would hate to stop dreaming. It would be the equivalent for me of poor Lucas “not hearing the music anymore.” I would feel as if something at my core were gone.

In my fanfic, dreams express underlying concerns and deep-seated yearnings of my characters. In “Truce,” for example, John and Layla’s dreams begin to mirror each other’s in a sort of “cosmic connection.” Sometimes the dreams give them an opportunity to share what is troubling them and to show one another the depths of their genuine concern as their relationship moves to a deeper level.

The dream sequences seem to flow from me when I am writing. I am gratified readers respond so well to them.

S: Your fics also feature explicit situations. You’ve talked about the surprise you experienced when you became interested in writing slash. Can you give us insight into how that happened, and why you ventured into this rather controversial area? In “The Adventure Continues,” you put Armitage characters in explicit situations with each other. I’m intrigued by this technique and wonder whether you’d talk about it a bit.

Angie: My beta at that time challenged me to create an AU version of RH 3 as a slash story featuring Guy and Allan.

I wasn’t sure at first; again, uncharted territory for me as a writer. I don’t have first-hand knowledge of those kinds of intimate situations in the way I do with male/female relationships. But I do like a good challenge.

So I did some research online and in books and wrote “Lost and Found.” I wanted to do something different, to write about a slash relationship that developed slowly, at times comically, with the couple finally realizing the passion they had awakened in each other. It would be a true romance. They become friends and allies, with Allan trying to help Guy recover from his grief and pain; Guy, slowly learning to trust and hope again and to let down his guard, and, then–the intimacy comes. I see “Lost and Found” as a sort of sexy and sweet fractured fairy tale.  And Allan and Guy make an adorable couple. *grin*

I then decided to bring back the characters of Guy and Rebecca from “Night Falls” and have them time-travel to modern-day London for a crossover story. I knew “The Adventure Continues” would be pushing the envelope for me.

It has always fascinated me how all Richard’s characters seem so individual, so different from one another, even though they are played by the same actor. So it was easy to differentiate Lucas and Guy in my mind as separate characters from different worlds who happen to resemble each other strongly, and then to imagine them coming together, experiencing their own cosmic connection.

This was a pretty bizarre story to begin with — a sci-fi-fantasy-spy story-comedy-adventure — and it’s certainly not for everyone. I admit I wonder why I, a happily married heterosexual female, find slash appealing. For it to work for me the protagonists involved must be really masculine to begin with; perhaps it’s something like male fantasies about women being intimate with each other. And I can’t see myself ever writing dark, sadistic stuff.

Harry Kennedy (Richard Armitage) lays down the law to Geraldine (Dawn French) about the sinfulness of debt in “The Handsome Stranger,” episode 1 of the Vicar of Dibley Christmas specials. Source: Richard Armitage Net

S: You are the only fan I’m interviewing for this event who’s married. I’ve wondered for some time how Armitagemania fits into the heterosexual marriage. How do spouses deal with it? Does it affect one’s own relationship with one’s mate, and if so, how?

Angie: Amused–and sometimes confused–tolerance might be an apt description of how Benny views my Armitagemania. He did once ask if he needed to find some black leather pajamas.  He has also given me a Mrs. RA keychain, a signed photo of the Lovely One and an RA skin for my laptop. He’s a nice guy, Benny, and I love him to bits.

While he agrees Richard is a good actor and not difficult to look at, he cannot quite fathom why I am so head over heels for this particular actor, as I have never been a fangurl before in more than 25 years of marriage—why Richard, why now?

I have told him aspects of Richard’s personality, such as we know it, and his, really remind me of each other. And Benny is very Harry Kennedy-like in certain respects.

A lot of the sexy banter and adventures that appear in my writing are influenced by me and Mr. Long as a couple.  This knowledge mollifies him. As for slash—ah, well, that he really can’t fathom. I’ve given up trying. I have read passages of some of my other work aloud to him, particularly the comical bits, as we share a sense of humor. Not the slash.

Bad boy as muse. Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage), left at the altar in Robin Hood 1.13. Source: Richard Armitage Net

S: Fellow fans are recipients of emails from you with collages of Armitage arranged according to different themes. I love flipping through one while I’m sipping coffee. What motivates you to do this, and how do you pick the themes? What role does it play in your day?

Angie: Inside of me lives a frustrated would-be vidder. I really don’t have the time, as much as the idea intrigues me.

So when the newest edition of Windows Live Mail was installed, I saw a new slide show feature. I tried it out and I liked the results. So I started creating slide shows and sending them to fellow fans. I decided to group pics according to themes. I often write little essays or poems to go with the slide show.

Bottom line as to why I do it—it’s fun! Sometimes it takes me a while to decide on a theme and to choose the photos, but it is a labor of love.  As to how I pick a theme, often it is due to a random thought relating to RA that pops in my head, or a song I hear on the radio, or the POD at RANet — or even something someone says on a blog. Riv actually suggested one on his amazing eyes, which I did.

The great thing about this fandom is how we seem to inspire each other with our creative efforts, too.  Creativity breeds creativity and active imaginations spur on other imaginations!

And Mr. A is the most wonderful muse.

I really thought I was just going to stick with slide shows—but unintentionally stumbled into making movies with my Windows software. I could see where this could be addictive . . . sort of like a certain TDHBEW *sigh*.


Angie reports of herself: In RL I am a newspaper reporter and photographer for a group of community newspapers in what I like to refer to as LA (Lower Alabama). I’ve taught elementary art and music and high school French, arts and crafts and creative and performing arts to visually impaired kids, worked in retail sales and briefly as a photographer in a department store portrait studio. I’ve been married for going on 26 years to my best friend and the man I like to describe as my “personal Harry Kennedy.” We live on a red clay dirt road, atop a hill studded in pecan and oak trees. Our home looks down on the farmhouse where I grew up. All our children are of the furry kind: three outside canines, Elvis, Beau, and Rascal, and four cats of distinct sizes and personalities, Puddin’, Thumper, Callie, and Lucky. I serve on the board of the local humane society as secretary and publicist. All our animals have been strays or rescues. I love reading, photography, drawing, singing, playing with said menagerie, hanging out with hubs and supporting events like the annual Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. I have a condition called FMS and I try to raise awareness and understanding of the effect this painful and sometimes debilitating illness can have on patients and their loved ones. Being part of the Armitage fandom has really been a blessing and a positive force in my life, and I am thankful for it and for all the friends I have made through it. Most of all, thank YOU, Richard. You aren’t getting older, love, you’re getting better, and you never cease to inspire me.


[Fan showcases from last year are here: bZirk, Eli, LadyKate63. I plan to continue this feature irregularly while I continue to blog Mr. Armitage. If you are interested in being interviewed, please let me know. My email address is in the sidebar under “About.” — Servetus]

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  1. I’m crying. But in a good way. Thanks so much, Servetus, for allowing me to be a part of this. You’re the best. *hugs*


    • Hmmm, that wasn’t the idea 🙂

      Thanks for a great interview, Angie — you’re a highlight of RA fandom for me.


      • Look, I’m just a big ol’ sentimental sod, you have to overlook me, Servetus. *blushes*
        YOu are definitely a highlight of the fandom and I feel as if my own appreciation for Riohard has taken on a new dimension since I started hanging out with you. 😀
        I will get caught up with everyone’s comments–thank you ALL so much, I appreciate it!!–but it may be this weekend. Under the weather yesterday, at the doctor this morning and playing catchup all day. Just got back from an intense work session and school board meeting in the south part of the county and have to throw something up on the web to keep up with all the other media outlets (three stations, that’s big news for us).

        Hope everyone has a really happy Friday!!


  2. That was a brilliant interview Servetus. Thank you Angie for opening the door and sharing so much about yourself. I suspected you were a renaissance woman and a nice person to boot; this interview just confirmed it. 🙂


    • *blushing deeply* Since I consider Richard to be a renaissance man and a nice person to boot, any description that likens me to him seems such high praise, indeed! Thank you so much . . .


  3. Servetus, you have asked Angie questions that allow her to reveal herself both as the warm and delightful person she is, a creative and supportive fan and a marvellous fan fic writer. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. No damn circus questions in sight!

    Angie, my love, one of the greatest pleasures of discovering Richard Armitage and all his wonders has been making your acquaintance. I remember always enjoying your eloquent and witty comments on various sites and now there is your fan fic, poetry and slideshows to indulge in.

    Judiang: she is indeed a true Renaissance woman!


    • If she did run off with the circus, she didn’t tell me 🙂


    • Thank you, darling. It’s funny how many people first got to “know” me from my comments on YT and also RANet. My “fame” has spread LOL I have felt this huge creative spurt in the past days even as I have battled with a UTI and some unpleasant side effects–and indulging in making vids in the wee small hours has been a gratifying experience to offset the discomfort and fatigue.


    • @millyme, a part of me thinks that there should have been a blog with the theme, worst interview questions ever asked of RA…we have the perennial circus questions, the Tell us about yourself questions from The Hobbit press conference….etc. It is an area ripe with fresh material!


      • I agree, Ann Marie. There were some pretty limp questions asked for the video interviews at the premiere of Strike Back also, as I recall. Sometimes I hear them/read them and just cringe.

        Oh, and by the way, no I never ran away with the circus. The closest I got to that was going to Montgomery to see the Ringling Bro. Barnum and Bailey Circus at Garrett Coliseum when I was a kid. It was after a day at school, we were in the nosebleed section, and I fell asleep before it was over. 😉


  4. Brilliant, brilliant interview. Thank you, dear Dr. Servetus, and all my best wishes to you, Angie! 🙂


  5. Thanks for the interview, both of you – fedoralady rules!


  6. A wonderful interview with a wonderful lady. Thanks Servetus for asking such excellent questions and Angie for your answers.

    I have to add that I’ve been reading Angie’s fics from the beginning.

    They’re exactly the sort of sexy, happy, blissfully romantic, sometimes fantastical often funny stories I love to read.

    An absolute joy. Thanks Angie ma cherie.


    • AJ,

      You have been a constant cheerleader for my stuff from the early days indeed and I always appreciate and value your comments. And I like your description of my stories. 😀 Merci beaucoup, mon amie.


  7. “can you really take this much Armitage, all the time?”
    It has now occurred to me that once FanstRAvaganza is over then the drought will be more keenly felt! Sob!

    an interview with Angie…the warm, sweet, lovely as always….she always finds pictures for those slideshows that there will be at least one I haven’t really looked at before!

    Lovely interview!


    • I think something we’ll have to think about should this event persist into a third year is spacing out the stuff a bit more. The barrage has been really intense this week. I’m having a hard time keeping up and I’m on spring break; not sure what I would do if I had to meet classes and students.

      However, all the posts will still be there, so people who didn’t get to read everything will have time to catch up next week and in the future …


      • I have to amend my statement re fear drought. I have found it impossible to even look at everything once a day which was my intent. Spreading out over two weeks with some firing one week and the others firing the other week would provide both a break for the bloggers and give the readers a chance to relish and read….
        I have a few weeks of reading and viewing here…


        • Yup. Particularly the fanfics I’m going to have to revisit because I just can’t read them carefully right now. Not that this is a bad thing!


      • For me, with work and some health issues and my growing vidding mania, FantRAvaganza was all too much to keep up with, I have to confess. I think spreading things out over a couple of weeks would be a good idea to consider for the future.


    • Ann Marie,

      For me, it’s a sheer delight when I unearth a “new” RA photo. I want to share my discovery with my friends. I am glad you have enjoyed the slide shows. 😀


  8. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and fanfic with us Angie. (My favourite part of this interview howver was learning a little about your RL and family. Thanks! 🙂 )


  9. A perfectly lovely interview, Angie and servetus! I especially enjoyed your experiences of the transition from fact-based writing to fiction. Am also fascinated by the comments on dreams: “I was someone elses’s dream.” Hope to hear more about that in future!


    • Has anyone else ever thought anything like that? If I’d have had time, I’d have asked a followup there. For several years as a teenager I was convinced that I didn’t exist.


      • That might make for an interesting post at some point. I was younger when I thought I was someone else’s dream. By the time I hit my mid-teens, I thought I existed–I just couldn’t bear being me. Typical teen angst, I suppose. I think that is why I relate to Pink’s songs so much at times. She captures a lot of those angsty feelings in her compositions.


    • Fitzg,

      Many, many thanks for your kind comments. I don’t know if it was my very introverted nature as a child, combined with my frequent escapes into my imaginary world, that led me to this belief I didn’t really exist except in someone else’s dream world. Perhaps that is why in part I enjoy writing about RA’s characters so much in Sloth Fiction.
      Imaginary characters who have taken on a life of their own . . .


  10. A truly magnificent interview ! It’s fantastic, insightful & delightful to read….Thanks to both of you…


  11. I’d be very interested in getting onto the dreamer site, especially after having spent the last few days reading some of the other fics that you’ve recommended over the last few days. I think I’m in love with Chains. Anyway, any help would be great. Thanks. I’ve already tried to register but of course they have no idea who I am. Thanks


  12. Servetus thank you for the wonderful interview with Angie!
    Angie, I’ve always felt that you are a very warm person who loves people. After reading this interview I’m sure that I was right.
    And I agree with the ladies you’re a woman of the Renaissance. Dr.S thank you for the links, I know what I’ll do in a free time 🙂


    • Dearest Ania,

      Thank you so much. I always greatly enjoy your comments on the blots, very thoughtful and eloquent. 😀


  13. Sorry, just realized it wasn’t you who recommended Chains, there is so much going on with FanstRAvaganza right now I can’t remember whose recommending what 🙂 I”d still be interested in Dreamer Fiction though


  14. Leave it to Ms. Angie to remind me why I can’t quit The Armitage even if my head has been turned by Mr. Fassbender and his sexy beast Mr. Rochester. What can I say? Other than, I am quite defenseless when confronted by a broody man with sideburns and a cravat.


    • One thing that’s interesting about Angie is that she didn’t come to Armitagemania via Thornton.


      • Yeah, as in so many other areas of my life, I am the oddball in the room. 😉 It was Guy who introduced me to Richard and led me to want to explore his other characters after seeing what he accomplished with a medieval henchman. As I have said before, seeing him as Thornton, Standring and Harry K. in swift succession (and Claude popped up in there too, pretty early on) I was absolutely gobsmacked. How could the same man have played all those characters so well?


    • Well, I promised you, @rob, that I wouldn’t tell Mr. A about your newfound crush on Mr. F (who is getting mostly good reviews for his version of Rochester, I see). 😉


  15. Servetus you make a wonderful interviewer. Angie’s writing on DF is wonderful anghty and sinful like expensive chocolate and I can never resist


    • It has an unusual proportion of what I’d term “iconic moments.” I want to write a post about fanfic eventually. If a chapter has one of these key moments, I’ll keep reading it over and over again.


    • Ah, Khandy,

      You make me smile with your comments, thank you. 😀 I am afraid I have quite a weakness for really good chocolate and Mr. A frequently reminds me of dark, delicious, fine chocolate. Sinfully good and hard to resist. And very inspiring. And as someone with a bit of experience at interviewing myself, I agree. Servetus is a fine interviewer and also a wonderful friend.


  16. Thank you,
    Angie, for giving us such a lovely insight into your fandom and RL and
    Servetus, for making fandom RL.
    I once told a friend of mine (the only one of my friends who knows about it) about my online-fandom. She could not understand what I could find in only virtual experiences and contacts.
    Your warm and insightful analyses, interviews, comments and compassion make fandom more than just virtual.
    Thank you !!!


    • I agree, Angie comes across as a real person on the screen — not something everyone manages so intensely as she does.


    • Dearest CDoart,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. 😀 I agree, it can hard sometimes for people who are not a part of a community like this to understand the genuine bonds of friendship and fellowship that develop within its online members. I feel as if I am part of a very special and unique worldwide sisterhood drawn together by the collective appreciation for the amazing talents, beauty and character of a certain actor. I really value Servetus and other bloggers for making this a possibility.


  17. Great interview! I really love both your blog, Servetus, and your stories, Angie. While recently I don’t have so much time anymore to visit the blog because of RL, I try to at least read yours if I can 🙂


  18. Fabulous interview and thanks for sharing of yourselves, Angie and Servetus! When are we going to see the final final chapter of Truce?

    I too am fascinated by dreams. Can’t get enough of them and I dream of RA characters quite a bit. Most of them are fairly comical. Oh, and that particular John Porter picture is my cell phone wallpaper.


    • I feel like I’ve been waiting forever / dreading the end of Truce. I keep hearing it’s almost done 🙂


    • Darling Queen of Great Videos aka bccmee,

      I am going to work on Truce tonight. Truly. I actually have what you might call the epilogue to the Neverending Epilogue 😉 done and approved by the wonderful Millyme in Norway. It’s filling in some blanks that I need to attend to to round out John and Layla’s honeymoon. Everything much be perfect for those two, you know? So figuring in time for Millyme to proof and return, it should be up early next week. Fingers and toes crossed!!


  19. Great interview and interviewee!! I can’t say I know much about the RA blogosphere. But, Angie, I know for sure that you’re such an important part of the blogosphere even without having your own RA blog!

    I need to find time to read all the older posts…!


    • I agree, a fabulous interview. Angie (and Servetus, for that matter), I have no idea where you find the stamina for all that you contribute to the RA blogosphere, but it’s marvelous!


      • Thanks, CP. Don’t know about Servetus, but I have been trying to figure out what I did with my time BRA (Before Richard Armitage). 😀


    • Oh, Riv, now you are making me blush. Thanks!!


  20. Thanks to everyone for all of the positive comments about the interview — Angie was a truly communicative interlocutor. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone 🙂


    • I can now add Interlocutor to my resume. Servetus deems it so. *giggle*

      Seriously, thank you to EVERYONE. It means so very, very much.


  21. Thank you so much for the wonderful interview, Angie and Servetus. One of the things that has been great about FanstRAvaganza is learning about all the interesting and creative people who are part of RA Fandom. (He’s a lucky guy!)


    • I think he gets this response because he’s so creative. Yeah, so he’s lucky in that regard, too 🙂


    • Thanks, Musa. As I said in the interview, I do think creativity breeds creativity and RA is one of the most creative, talented, gifted human beings I have ever experienced in my lifetime. I find him endlessly inspiring. We are lucky to have him in our lives. And he’s lucky to have such a great group of ladies inspired by him!


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  23. Angie now also has a youtube channel:


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  24. […] to write a restraining order to prevent undue violence to John Porter in Strike Back, series 2; read about Angie’s development as a fanfic writer; or decide which eyes you’d like John Porter to wear to your first encounter with him. Make […]


  25. […] to write a restraining order to prevent undue violence to John Porter in Strike Back, series 2; read about Angie’s development as a fanfic writer; decide which eyes you’d like John Porter to wear to your first encounter with him; or read […]


  26. […] fans of Richard Armitage. Previous showcases can be found here: bZirk, Eli, LadyKate63, fitzg, Angieklong, khandy. I plan to continue this feature intermittently, so if you are interested in being […]


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