A bad Armitage pun for Skully and Jazzbaby1

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

This was a pretty non-exhaustive collection. What’s your favorite instance of this pun in Richard Armitage’s oeuvre? I’m willing to edit; the result seemed a bit haphazard. But it starts really well.

~ by Servetus on September 11, 2011.

16 Responses to “A bad Armitage pun for Skully and Jazzbaby1”

  1. *Dies laughing.*


  2. don’t know about a fav. but the gunpowder thing is nasty- actually had to do that once- not on a real person thank goodness but the dummy was pretty realistic.— ouw-ouw-ouch!!!!


  3. Hehe I love a “bad” pun 🙂 Richard Armitage and The Ramones are now forever linked in my brain! Here was me thinking Joey would always be my favourite RAmone, alas.

    There’s wee a bit of RAmoaning in 7.8, as Lucas struggles with a gunshot wound in the tunnels.


  4. That moment when he holds his hand toward the sister, and she takes it with such Grace. Ahh.


  5. I LOVE puns and the Ramones! Now I especially love the RAmoans! LOL
    I am sure he must have moaned in Strike Back when they pulled out his tooth!


    • What your comment raises, a bit, is how to define a “moan” and what separates it from a sign, a scream, a yell, etc. I think in that scene he was yelling / screaming in pain. But it’s a very blurred definition.


  6. Don’t forget poor Guy when the evil Vasey burns his tatt with acid and sweet Ricky and the blowtorch moment RA moaned a lot LOL


  7. …better don´t think about all the trouble and all the nasty things that happend to “him” Ouch, ouch! Ok, there is Harry and of course your first take: I can hold on to this moan and this sight… Deep Sigh.


    • yeah. his characters have really been through the mill. If Richard Armitage had been as abused as these characters … he’d probably be in a wheelchair.


  8. The start? Speechless!! But ah – sweet Harry! Coincidentally watched this with my granddaughter last night! It was the first time she had seen VoD and she just loved it. Had to leave the DVD with her so she could watch it again! 🙂 No doubt many of us moaned and sighed our way through all of these. The “Impressionists” one always makes me chuckle. 🙂


  9. There’s no such animal as a bad pun! A pun is a pun, is a rose…


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