Uncle Vanya while moving

~ by Servetus on May 8, 2021.

25 Responses to “Uncle Vanya while moving”

  1. Good choice it is for sure.
    Take care!

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  2. Good plan. A welcome bit of distraction while you pack. Enjoy the close-ups 😉


  3. It was nice to see it again even on television, I invited a few friends over and we all enjoyed it; and I have it on DVR so I can watch it anytime.

    Good luck with the move, and much happiness in your new home.

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  4. Good luck, Serv ❤


  5. Great pic of Astrov. Hope you managed to see much of UV while packing.

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  6. Hope your packing is going well and is not too stressful.


  7. All the best wishes and fingers crossed for you new home, though I know moving is for sure a nightmare…My thoughts (and my admiration) are with you.
    Seeing RA on the telly must’ve been a bit weird but at least a welcome distraction. Hope he still has the power to give you some butterflies…..


    • Thanks for your support.

      What did you think? It was weird, I had a very different feeling than I did seeing it in person.


  8. Good luck with the move, Servetus! Glad you had a little pleasant distRAction.


  9. Opps I was going to watch this on Wisconsin PBS but forgot.


  10. Good luck, good nerves with the move and not so much damage in the moving boxes after the move.

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  11. […] “Uncle Vanya while moving” (May 8). Great Performances aired Uncle Vanya while I was moving — it was available on […]


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