Armitage, changing

On the interview, h/t News for today. Sketchy screencaps from that interview in this post are mine.

This morning when I woke up, to my usual morning Richard Armitage fantasies, I was thinking, I want to get out of bed, and I don’t want to get out of bed. I want to know what’s happened since last night and I don’t want to know. I want things to change and don’t want them to change.

I’d been thinking the last few days that innerly, I’ve been saying a big Shehecheyanu — thanking G-d for having allowed us to reach this season — for quite some time, at least a week or two — and I had imagined that Richard Armitage had been thinking equivalent thoughts of some sort. Can’t believe we made it this far — after his statement in his Christmas message of 2010: “2010 has been a challenge and next 365 days look like another ‘mountain’ to climb.”

He climbed it. But he — and we — never rest, I suppose.

So it came just right that in this interview today, Mr. Armitage noted that his life had already changed — and would have, even if there hadn’t been a movie at the end of the experience — even simply because he came to New Zealand.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an Armitage this relaxed and confident and above all mature in a video interview. Definite Armitage equilibrium here, but unhurried, calm, expressive, as opposed to tense, frenzied, self-calming. So yes, Mr. Armitage, you have changed.

You’ve definitely climbed the mountain, Mr. Armitage, though there may be more of it, and indeed, more mountains to climb. But thank you for reminding us that the journey is also the life-changing event, not simply the arrival. Not least, because as his version of Monet noted repeatedly in The Impressionists, at numerous points in the story, nothing stays the same. Everything is different from every perspective, every second.

And we have changed, too, I think, watching you.

In honor of this development, instead of Shehecheyanu, a song by a band that Armitage has stated repeatedly that he enjoys:

Still, panta rhei notwithstanding, I think we’ll see evidence in the future many things we have loved are still there, if modified.

Not much longer now.


If you’re getting excited about tonight, please consider a giftbomb as a message of congratulations to Mr. Armitage on his achievement. More information here. Richard Armitage’s JustGiving pages here. Thanks to all those who have already given!

~ by Servetus on November 27, 2012.

19 Responses to “Armitage, changing”

  1. I haven’t actually seen this interview yet–having a hell of a time with my computer, saw and downloaded two others which I now can’t link to on my blog, but anyway—-I was thinking this morning that RA came across as really more grounded than ever and yes, very confident and mature and articulate. Not that he was immature before but there is something new there, definitely. It’s as if he’s not only grown as an actor through this experience, but also as a human being. And yes, I feel as if I have grown some along the way.


    • Today would be a bad day to have technical issues. I’ve actually retreated somewhere where I know none of my connections will be disrupted.

      Watch this interview in contrast to the first one (N&S) and you will be shocked. I watched those N&S pieces a lot recently b/c of my biography series.


  2. When I watched this in the wee hours this morning, it warmed my heart. It has been visible, this change, as we’ve gotten glimpses since that first press conference in 2011. But here, indeed, he was all that you said. That intensively creative man has been nurtured in this experience, and what has emerged is what you see. What an honor to watch what has emerged from its cocoon.

    A most excellent song choice, as well. I think a good many of us can relate, for I know I have, just getting to know this man – and many of you – from afar. Life’s journey should be embraced and celebrated. I think we all are doing that today.

    Happy premiere day, Serve. May we see many, many more.


  3. Perfectly said, Janine … “Happy premiere day!”

    A joyful culmination, yet another beginning.

    It’s an honor to share and celebrate this journey with him, and with all of you.


  4. Lovely thoughts! I thought RA came across a bit more reserved in this interview set than at Comic Con, but with the enormous press schedule he has immediately ahead, I think he’s wise to temper energy 🙂 As for change, I certainly have as well & embrace it. It’s awesome to be able to watch the premiere! Enjoy!


  5. OK I’m crying here! Love this song. Love your words.


  6. Although I know that constant changes are bound to happen for him as for all of us, I really hope he won’t lose this very special aura of boyishness, sweetness and innocence which I always found so charming. He seems to be much more reserved in the latest interview, more of a routinier- and I don’t know how I feel about it…


    • I think that because he still prefers to let others talk, and may also feel that MF and AS deserve to be given more time. Those two came across as much more outgoing and at ease with the interview situation. RA I would describe as still reserved, but more calm than shy. I think he might come across differently when interviewed alone.


      • The print interviews certainly point to the fact that when given the opportunity, he will talk at length, especially when it’s about something for which he has a lot of love and enthusiasm.


        • The main thing I notice, and it’s just because I have just relistened to all the very early interviews multiple times, is how much more in control of his speech and random mannerisms, he is. No stammering, very little distracting mannerisms apart from the hand motions, which are also calmer. Well, he’s got 8 years behind him. But he’s an adult now. He still has the same energy, but he’s got it under control in a way that prevents him from undermining himself.


  7. […] came on November 28, 2012. It actually started a day earlier, with all the deplaning pictures, and the press snippets that showed a newly confident Richard Armitage, and of course, those jeans! Those jeans! Pictures were popping up all the time. Jonia was a major […]


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