Do not make me have one more thought today or I will kill you

John Porter (Richard Armitage) yells at Masuku to get in the car during their prison break in Strike Back 1.3. Click to enlarge. My cap.

Had one of those work days where I had to be totally into it, totally inhabiting Servetus the professor the whole time with almost no breaks. Wednesdays are so darn long this term. I honestly have no words left except ga ga ga and little energy left to walk to my car. Which is, of course, one of those times when the fantasy of Richard Armitage as companion during transitions is most useful.

I love how “into it” Armitage is as Porter. I love how expressive his face is and how he never worries about how he looks. I just want to drool …

Also re: Porter: yesterday, Jazzbaby was able to ask the redoubtable Frank Spotnitz why the writers killed Porter off in the second series of Strike Back. I was actually slightly surprised by his answer.

OK, time to go home. More rational Servetus will return tomorrow.


Not re: Porter: #ArmitageWatch has a poll as to whether you’d be interested in joining another group watch of North & South on Twitter. Let them know.

~ by Servetus on October 25, 2012.

15 Responses to “Do not make me have one more thought today or I will kill you”

  1. Hahaha! O.K ! 🙂 Are you shouting like that to your students, Servetus? 😉


  2. I so hear you! Hang in there; Porter is on your side.


    • I feel confident he would beat anyone up who was bothering me. Not so confident that he’d step into my seminar and make some great contribution … but maybe I am underestimating him 🙂


  3. THere’s a reason they call it hump day… I share your pain my whole week so far has sucked. I’d be have strangled some people days ago if it weren’t for the calming effect of those big baby blues.


    • I feel bad complaining because every day was like this in my last job. So really I shouldn’t whine. But last night I did want to kill someone.


  4. I had a class observation on Monday in which the my normally interactive and insightful class sat like lumps…I couldn’t even get them worked up over “The White Man’s Burden”. The rest of the week has followed apace 😦 I feel you!! Hope today is a better day 🙂


    • I don’t teach on Thurs, so all I had today was mtgs with students. “Yes, if you don’t footnote your sources, you fail.” “Yes, if your essay didn’t have a thesis statement, you lost 30 points right off the top.” … of course, the ones who did well don’t come in, so it’s a bit unrepresentative.


    • hope your next observation goes better 🙂


      • I’m having those mtgs over the course of the next week – viva mid-semester! “you are correct, if you don’t hand in any assignments, you will fail the class.” and so on. I don’t think the observation was terrible, the observer only really made one suggestion about integrating more interactive group work, but then I consider a 90% score a 10% fail. *sigh* (I’m crediting my glumness to the constantly grey weather lately – the beautiful leaves are all gone and now it’s just grey, blah)


        • My last mtg yesterday was with a student who came in to find out why he’d gotten a zero on the first paper. I said, because you didn’t hand one in. He shook his head in confusion. Honestly, I could not make this stuff up.


          • LOL…don’t you wonder how some of these people manage to get dressed in the morning nevermind get admitted to college?! I will bend over backwards to help my students succeed, but I can’t do much if the don’t/won’t do any work.


            • My TA last term told me, in a similar situation, that she thought the student we were dealing with might have been drug addicted. I have to say that isn’t a situation that I’ve ever come across in my career (for whatever reason — maybe I am just especially sheltered). That might explain this conversation yesterday.


              • I would imagine that there is some of that everywhere, but except in one case, where I think I was dealing with a poorly medicated schizophrenic (not fun by the way), I don’t read anything but immaturity in most…they are so accostomed to being led around and spoon fed in high school, they have no idea what to do when nobody is repeatedly asking them to hand in their work. I have to do that with my own teenager…I refuse to chase “adults” around. They have a detailed calendar and electronic reminders provided by me. More than I ever got from my profs. (I like to think I’m a harda@@ – it’s really all just a facade 🙂 )


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